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Shipping/Refund Policy

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Shipping/Refund Policy

We want to ensure you have a hassle-free purchasing experience where you can confidently make purchases. Since most of the services offered are medical services in nature, there is no return of the services purchased through our website, but refund and cancellation policies apply on specific purchases, which may differ or vary from promotion to promotion and also service to service. Please read all refund and cancellation-related policies to the product, service, or promotion before purchasing.




Payment Policy


All services offered by VGM Hospital are available on a fixed/flat fee basis and are not subject to any deductions or negotiations. For all services, payments shall be made in advance. Available payment options- cheque, credit card, debit card, or e-banking. The said information shall not be utilized and shared by VGM Hospital with any of the third parties unless required by law, regulations, or court order.


Please note the following for Refund & Cancellation:


-You cannot return the same package more than one time. This is to prevent excessive returns. Customers can order as many different Packages as they wish, but we only allow one return order for any particular product per customer.


-The VGM Hospital shall not be responsible if communication is not received by the customer due to an incomplete address provided.


-Any Package booked during a promotional event will be not considered for cancellation.


-Customers requesting serial or repeated refunds may be blocked from making further purchases.


-For claiming a refund, the customer should necessarily have the valid invoice of the investigations & ID documents of the customer who is seeking a refund to avail of the refund.


If you have any questions related to refund or cancellation, please contact our customer care :