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An Anal Fistula is a small infected tunnel between the bowel end and the skin at the opening of the anus. It is a common infection that occurs in the anal region. There are several tiny glands in the anus which forms mucus and Sporadically, these glands get infected as it becomes an abscess in the surrounding tissues. Later, when these anal abscess drain nearly half of them turns into tunnels they are called anal fistulas.

The fistula does not heal on their own. In most cases, treatment like surgery is essential to decrease the infection, ease down the symptoms and promote healing.



Fistula occurs most commonly due to anal abscesses. After the pus has drained, the infected tissues refuse to heal easily and form tunnels. Additionally, there are some more reasons as well for the occurrence of fistulas that includes:

-Previous anorectal abscess – Radiation therapy
-Crohn's Disease
-Infected Anal Fissures
-Malignancy of anorectal region
-Immunodeficiency states
-Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea chlamydia


The symptoms of anal fistula can be similar to other proctology diseases. There will be some general symptoms like skin irritation and horrible pain while you sit or move around. So these are the signs you should be aware of:

-Perianal discharge from the external opening
-Skin excoriation
-Redness and the Itching of the skin at the anus
-Sick and Fatigue


Once you are diagnosed with an anal fistula by the examiner, you will be suggested to take surgery as treatment. Since the antibiotics alone may not be able to heal fistula, surgery is the effective treatment for complex fistula conditions. The procedure is minimally invasive and will leave no surgical trace and during post-surgery, there can be some minor discomfort but the recovery happens very fast so it is all easy and safe. These are some of the common treatment procedures recommended for the fistula:

-Seton placement – for complex fistulas
-Mucosal advancement flap
-Plugs adhesives
-LIFT procedure
-Diversion stoma

All the procedures are carried out under anesthesia conditions. In the above treatments, the most commonly done are,

Fistulotomy, which opens the fistula in a manner that enables to promote healing from inside out. It is generally a procedure done for outpatients. In this procedure, the patient can go home on the same day itself.

Plugs adhesives, the latest treatment method in which a special plug or glue is used to fill and seal the inner opening of the fistula, by this the tunnel will be closed with a material that our body will assimilate over time.

For complex fistula conditions, Seton placement the procedure which involves positioning a seton(rubber band) in the affected area to tighten the fistula progressively. It enables to cure the fistula behind the seton and decreases the incontinence risk.

The other procedures are also used for treating rare fistula conditions. Every procedure has unique benefits and step which you should discuss with your surgeon.

An anal fistula is no serious condition, the doctors can help you get rid of the painful tunnels with simple painless methods. The usage of laser technology in recent times makes surgical treatment permanent and less invasive. The specialist surgeons and consultants in the VGM gastro center are well experienced to heal any fistula condition. If you are from the Coimbatore region looking for safe and effective care for fistulas, then visit VGM gastro center the best hospital for anal fistula treatment in Coimbatore.