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A Dietition is an expert in dietetics and nutrition. They are the person who scientifically studies and gives advice about the food and eating habits. Dietitions are the regulated healthcare professionals licensed to access, diagnose and treat nutritional problems. Dietitions apply the science of nutrition to promote health, treat and prevent malnutrition and provide therapeutic dietary guidelines for patients, clients and the public in health and illness.

Dietition tips

Dietitions provides various healthy eating habits to stay healthy always. The main motive is to stay healthy in your desired weight, as overweight leads to various health problems. Here are few tips that everyone can follow in their day-to-day routine.
1.Drink Plenty of water
2.Eat healthy protein-rich breakfast
3.Focus on what you eat, not what you cannot
4.Replace sugary drinks with water
5.Eat fish 2-3 times in a week
6.Be mindful of portions
7.Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet
8.Make exercise a daily habit
9.Eat organic when possible

Food Plan

High fiber, high protein meals and snacks will help you feel full, energized and satisfied for the whole day. Research shows that eating healthy, exercising daily, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking can help in reducing heart diseases. Eat your meals in portions and in small quantities. There are various ways to plan your meals and stick to it to have a healthy life.


As medical diagnosis is created by the physician, the nutritional diagnosis is created by the Dietitian. Dietitions are the only qualified health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems in an individual. They work with both existing patients as well as healthy people who need advice on their diet to lose weight. Nutrition diagnosis is also related to the Dietition who is responsible for treating and resolving the cause of the problem and the evidence that this problem exist.