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We maintain the HICC by qualified health care professionals who do periodic audits and frequent evaluation to minimize the infection rates. The corrective and preventive actions are taken according to the evaluation.

Our infection rates are extremely low – this is something we are very proud of and make every effort to maintain the same. If a patient is found to be a carrier of communicable disease, we take all possible precautions to ensure that the diseases do not spread to other patients. We undertake an extensive in-house audit programmed to ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness and safety standards are met and maintained.

We are proud to have maintained exceptionally low infection rates at VGMGC, including the following:

The VGMGC Clinical Governance Framework, is comprised of following pillars

  • There were no surgical site infection since 5 years
  • No patients acquired UTI in 2014
  • No one acquired NSI in 2014