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Hemorrhoids, also widely known as piles. These are enlarged blood vessels formed as lumps inside or around the bottom (the rectum, and anus). The hemorrhoids occur not due to some particular reason, still it's an actual cause is unclear.

Studies reveal that the pressure increase in the blood vessels or veins present in and around the anus region is related, and may cause this kind of inflammation. In various cases, piles do not cause symptoms, and few people may not even know they have them but in some other times they may cause bleeding, itching, and discomfort.

The hemorrhoids occur in different sizes, and they were broadly classified into two types the veins swollen inside the rectum is known as internal hemorrhoids. The other one develops under the exterior skin around the anus which is called the external hemorrhoids.



As we mentioned earlier the actual cause of hemorrhoids is still unknown, and the only hint in it is the blood vessels are related to its occurrence. The pressure increase in those blood vessels around the anus region can cause those veins and passages to swell, and inflame.

Several cases are considered to be the reason for hemorrhoids like prolonged constipation due to lack of fiber in our daily diets, excessive straining while passing stool, overweight during pregnancy, etc. These are few causes of hemorrhoids that may occur in both internal and external parts of the anus, after days it also may increase in size and symptoms. The hemorrhoids can inherit and the possibilities to occur increases with aging because the tissues and cells that support veins become weaker and starts to stretch. Those veins around the rectum and anus without much strength will swell or bulge under pressure.

With blood clot under each bulge, the different reasons that cause this painful hemorrhoid are:

-Low fiber diets
-Straining & Constipation
-Portal Hypertension & Anorectal Varices
-Familial Tendency
-Chronic Diverticulum
-Colonic Malignancy
-Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Hemorrhoids are seen as an issue only when a swelling or itching, pain, and bleeding is caused. The most common sign of hemorrhoids is bleeding during bowel movements, usually, the symptoms depend on the location where it had occurred.

Internal hemorrhoids generally don't cause much pain or irritation. you may not even feel it, but there will be signs like painless bleeding when you strain or disturb it during passing stool. In some cases, the straining will lead to prolapsing or the piles extending beyond the anus which may cause irritation and pain.

External hemorrhoids are the worst, it gives an uncomfortable feeling, and you may see the inflammation. The blood vessel swelled under the skin around the anus itches and the lump can be felt and it causes sudden, severe pain. The blood clot formed as an external hemorrhoid may break down and leave that part of the skin to bleed and itch. There are common symptoms to look for if the person is suffering from hemorrhoids:

-Painless bleeding
-Perianal Itching and irritation
-Can prolapse causing pain & discomfort
-Thrombosis of Haemorrhoids resulting in swelling


The symptoms of hemorrhoids even without any treatment can be calmed but you have to make changes gradually to decrease strain on the veins in and around blood vessels of the anus like improve diet with fiber-containing foods. Once after the symptoms develop, and you reach out to the physician for a solution they will examine, and discover the level of hemorrhoids through complete diagnosis. The different type of treatment for the hemorrhoids is advanced based on the severity. Internal hemorrhoid is categorized with grades by the degree of prolapse, for the lower grade the conservative treatment is enough, for higher grade internal and external hemorrhoids some quick recovery surgical options are available.

The surgery is carried out with procedures in hospital conditions by well-qualified surgeons. Below are the various treatment offered for the different grades of hemorrhoids:

Grade I & II
-Conservative Management
-Surgical Haemorrhoidectomy
-Modified Diet Habits
-High fiber diet
-Plenty of oral liquids
-+/- laxatives for short duration
Grade III & IV, External

At present, these types of proctology conditions are very usual all over the world. The piles became less serious, though they are not life-threatening they may cause severe pain and affect daily life. With the technology evolving, VGM the best gastro center in Coimbatore has always been relevant to it. Many treatment options are now available, but the laser usage protects open surgery and invasive methods. VGM gastro center offers minimally invasive, permanent and painless, and quick to heal treatment for hemorrhoids.

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