Regular use of unhygienic food might lead to cancer

The colour and aroma of foods at a roadside eatery, commonly called as Thattu Kadai, are often inviting. But inviting risks too if not choosing a safe place.
Unlike normal hotels and restaurants, risk factors involved in eating from roadside eateries are many. This ranges from common housefly to dust in the air. Experts warn to be careful of the following risks when you dine at a roadside eatery.
The quality of water comes in the first as use of contaminated water can easily cause for diarrhoea and bacterial gastritis. Houseflies can also cause diarrhoea as they perch on anything that is unhygienic.
“Use of colourants and reheated oil is high in food prepared at roadside eateries. Both have carcinogenic properties and their regular use might lead to cancer. As colourants meant for industrial purposes are often misused as foods colours, one must be cautious,” says city-based gastroenterologist V.G.Mohan Prasad.
Presentation of food in unhygienic conditions is another aspect needs to be careful about. “Storing food in unhygienic conditions trigger growth of bacteria and fungi,” he adds.
Keeping the above aspects in mind, officials of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued strong instructions to improve level of hygiene at roadside eateries.
Operators of roadside eateries have been directed to use potable water and ensure glass covering of preparation storage area.
“The glass covering is mandated to avoid food getting exposed to dust. They have also been instructed not to use polythene sheets instead of banana leaf and newspaper for wrapping food,” says B.Vijayalalithambigai, Designated Officer of FSSAI, Coimbatore.
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