Dengue on the rise

Dengue on the rise

Dengue On The Rise

The mosquito for dengue is called Aedes aegypti and breeds in clean water and bites at day time. The mosquito for malaria is called Anopheles and breeds in dirty water and bites at night time.

How the Mosquito Breeds?

  •     Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing fresh water oftentimes found around the home.
  •     In tin cans, buckets, disposed of tires and other counterfeit compartments that hold stagnant water.
  •     In untended pools, water basins, stopped up rain canals, and plastic swimming pools that hold stagnant water.
  •     In storm drains and catch basins in urban areas.
  •     In septic drainage and other foul water sources above or below ground level.
  •     In agricultural irrigation.

How to protect yourself?

Mosquitoes can bring with them all sorts of illnesses. But they are preventable if you can keep mosquitoes away. Here are some ways you can protect yourself.

  •   Pick a decent mosquito repellent
  •   Use Mosquito nets for Beds
  •   Wear a full secured dress.
  •   Use wire mesh and screens on doors and windows
  •   Use Natural repellent, which can be safe and effective.
  •   Use unperfumed products.
  •   Keep your home and environment clean.