Laser Proctology Workshop

Laser Proctology Workshop

Lasotronix diode laser treatment for piles, fistula, fissure & pilonidal sinus.

Piles, Fistula, fissure & pilonidal sinus …have you been suffering from any of these?! A no hospitalization recovery is here! VGM Gastro Centre is conducting a workshop on Lasotronix diode laser treatment – the advanced procedure to treat Piles, Fistula, fissure & pilonidal sinus. Take a break from work & get back in a few mins.

Visit VGM Gastro Centre for a screening process on 26th Jan 2019 and based on ailment diagnosed, you could be part of the Laser proctology workshop on 3rd February 2019.

Benefits if the advanced Lasotronix diode laser therapy:
1. Office procedure
2. Lesser discomfort/pain
3. Early recovery and early to work
4. No hospitalisation
5. No prolonged follow up.

For Booking Please call 9486777788, 0422 – 2572573

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