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Dr. Anand Bharathan


Consultant Surgeon HPB Surgery and Liver Transplantation

Dr. Anand Bharathan completed his MBBS graduation from Government Coimbatore Medical College in the year 2002. He did his basic surgical training from Coimbatore Medical College and was awarded “MS (General Surgery)” degree in 2005. He did his higher surgical training in surgical gastroenterology from the prestigious Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad and was awarded “DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology)” in the year 2010. Immediately after his higher surgical training, he was appointed as consultant surgeon and Assistant Professor at Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore that is a world-renowned medical institution. Pancreatic surgery constituted major part of his work there. His passion in liver surgery and liver transplantation soon resulted in a training opportunity.

Dr. Anand went for further training in Liver Surgery and Liver Transplantation at Global Health City, Chennai under the guidance of world-renowned liver transplant surgeon, Prof. Mohamed Rela. Dr. Anand was the first trainee of Prof. Rela after he returned from the United Kingdom. Following completion of training, Dr. Anand was awarded “Post Doctoral Fellowship in Liver Transplantation” by Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University in 2013. Dr. Anand was appointed as Consultant Surgeon in the “Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation” at Global Health City, Chennai after successful completion of his fellowship training.

Dr. Anand has been part of 450 living donor liver transplantations and 150 deceased donor liver transplantations till date. He has participated in both donor and recipient operations in liver transplantation. He has got expertise in deceased donor organ recovery and a significant experience in performance of liver resections in living liver donors. He has a significant experience in patient selection for liver transplantation and in preoperative and postoperative care of patients who undergo liver transplantation.

He has huge experience in major liver resections for hilar cholangiocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and metastatic liver disease. Liver resection for hilar cholangiocarcinoma is a particularly challenging operation and Dr. Anand has a very special interest in this problem. This operation is performed with good outcomes only in very few centres across the world. He aims to develop a center of excellence for performance of liver resection for hilar cholangiocarcinoma at Coimbatore.

He has performed several major liver resections for tumors in children. He has good experience in all types of shunt operations for portal hypertension. He has performed about 150 Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomies, many with portal vein resection. Whipple’s Pancreaticoduodenectomy with portal vein resection is performed only in very few centres in India, and Dr. Anand’s significant experience in this operation is likely to be of great help to the people who he aims to serve. He has significant experience in other major pancreatic operations including distal pancreatectomy, central pancreatectomy, Frey’s operation and pancreatic necrosectomy for acute pancreatitis.

Dr. Anand has successfully performed over 100 operations for bile duct injuries and strictures for the treatment of post cholecystectomy bile duct injuries. A significant majority of these operations were performed in the early post injury period. This is done only in very few centres in India and even across the world, but results in reducing the period of illness in these patients.

Liver resections

  • Major hepatectomies for hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Major hepatectomies for hilar cholangiocarcinoma
  • Hepatectomy for metastatic liver malignancies.
  • Hepatectomy for Biliary cystadenoma and other cystic liver lesions.
  • Hepatectomy for giant, symptomatic haemangiomas

Shunt operation for Portal Hypertension

  • Proximal splenorenal shunt for extrahepatic portal vein obstruction and Non cirrhotic portal fibrosis.
  • Mesocaval shunt.
  • Side to side portocaval shunt.

Pancreatic operations

  • Whipple’s Pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic head and periampullary cancers.
  • Whipple’s Pancreaticoduodenectomy with portal vein or superior mesenteric vein resection.
  • Central or median pancreatectomy.
  • Total Pancreatectomy.
  • Spleen preserving distal pancreatectomy.
  • Distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy
  • Frey’s operation (Pancreatic head coring) for chronic pancreatitis.
  • Necrosectomy for severe acute pancreatitis

Biliary operations

  • Early/immediate biliary reconstruction for post cholecystectomy bile duct injury.
  • Hepaticojejunostomy for post cholecystectomy bile duct strictures.
  • Re-do hepaticojejunostomy for stricturedhepaticojejunostomy.
  • Choledochal cyst resection

A liver transplant program is on the planning phase and we will have updates on this part of the services periodically.