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Recommended Diagnostic Testing in IBS

Recommended Diagnostic Testing in IBS

Recommended Diagnostic Testing in IBS :

The medical evaluation of people with suspected IBS varies depending on age, health profile, extent of symptoms etc., Below mentioned tests are usually performed for confirming clinical profile of IBS;

Additional testing would be required in patients with constipation predominant or diarrhoea predominant IBS.

1. Blood Tests – For the positive blood samples, an endoscopy followed by biopsy of
Small intestine is performed as confirmatory test.

2. Stool Tests – Check for a bacterial infection, an intestinal parasite, or blood in the stool.

3. Colonoscopy (colon examination) – As microscopic colitis (inflammation of colon or
small intestine) can mimic symptoms of IBS, #colonoscopy is performed. For patients above the age of 50, colonoscopy is performed to check for any polyp/cancer in colon.

4. Psychological Tests – Questionnaires that detect #anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems may be used to supplement the evaluation.

5. Miscellaneous Tests – Other tests may be done depending on extent of illness and or alarm signs. However, many people do not require these tests.